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January 27, 2011

Reich on Obama and Jobs

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Writing in Huffington Post, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich examines the deeper implications of President Obama’s State of the Union address.  Noting that the President’s language of “investment” sounds appealing, Reich asks the most basic question:  Where’s the money?  Corporate America isn’t investing its profits back into this country.  Reich says that the President is correct in saying that the economy has improved.  However, the speech left out the small point about how little of the economic improvement has “trickled down to ordinary people.”

Reich points out that Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy were in a much better position to use the language of competition and victory.  They led in times when the economy was much stronger (and times when the wealthy and corporations paid a greater share of the tax burden).  Reich ends by asking if government can look to do what is good for American families rather than profit-obsessed global corporation.  President Obama answered Reich’s question when he made Jeffrey Immelt of GE the head of his job growth effort.  Just wait, jobs will grow – in China and India.

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