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November 27, 2010

Keep Looking for Work During the Holiday Season

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The Chicago Sun-Times recently published an article recommending that job seekers keep looking for work during the holiday season.  The writer, Claudia Buck, says that this is a good time to look for work because other job seekers are less active.  They think “no one hires in December.”

This formula is partially true.  Fewer job seekers look for work between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  They do so in no small part because they see fewer jobs posted.  Companies hire less during this time.  However, some still hire, which is why I agree with Buck that job seekers should keep looking.  But they should do so with realistic expectations.

What Buck says that is very valuable is that job seekers should use this time to network and meet new people.  Whether you are meeting people at a holiday party or volunteering to serve meals during the holidays, meet new people and add them to your network.  Follow up with them over lunch or coffee.  Learn about them and let them learn about you.  Look for ways to help each other. 

Buck also gives good advice in sticking to a schedule in looking for work and finding a buddy to share the job search with.  The holidays can be a good time to meet people use those connections to drive your job search and manage your career.

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