Career Calling

July 29, 2010

What Makes You Different and Better?

Demand creates value.  If something is easily obtained, it’s usually cheap. This principle is true in the job market as well.  If a person only has basic skills, she will be limited in career advancement and salary.  The key is to discover what skills or knowledge you have that set you apart from the competition. 

One of my clients grew up in China and speaks fluent Chinese.  He is currently seeking to combine his experience and education in America with his understanding of Chinese language and culture as well as experience working in China.  His resume plays up these selling points.

Another client is seeking a position in event management.  She has also worked in positions that require strong presentation skills.  Where many event managers are good planners and managers, my client has those skills as well as the ability to interact with clients and guests at events.  This ability means potential employer gets extra value.

Look at your experience, skills, and achievements.  What makes you different?  What are your selling points?  Once you have answered these questions, it is easy to focus your job search and revise your resume to target employers who will value what makes you different.  Too often we hide our most valuable attributes.  Nothing could be worse in managing your career. As the Good Book says, let your light shine.

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