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July 25, 2010

Is the Obama Administration Anti-Teacher?

Diave Ravitch thinks so.  Ravitch, who was once a champion of charter schools and high stakes testing, has turned against both “reforms.”  She says that President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan are “anti-teacher” in using test scores to evaluate poor teaching perform.  Ravitch has done extensive research and found that poor neighborhoods, not poor teaching, are the main cause of low test scores.  She also points out that cities like New Orleans that claim to have a successful charter school program have built their success by cherry picking students, leaving the disadvantaged and discipline problems in the public schools.

Why do President Obama and Secretary Duncan favor charter schools?  They are free of union rules, which means teachers have no job security.  Duncan followed a similar course in Chicago, which is being maintained by his successor, Ron “Doomsday” Huberman.  (I call him “Doomsday” because he and his flacks used that term to justify layoffs and service cuts when Huberman headed Chicago’s transit system.  The man is a political sock puppet.)

Working people need to look hard at the claims being made about teacher performance and salary.  If we join with the campaign against teachers, we are simply helping to drive down salaries for all workers while we are carving up what little is left of job security. 

Follow this link to see an interview with Ravitch.

Click here to read an essay by Ravitch, “Why I Changed My Mind.”

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