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January 27, 2010

Beyond Control

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The man who gave us the “Dip,” Seth Godin blogs in today’s Huffington Post to introduce his new concept:  “Linchpin.”  The old world, the world of kings and factories, depends on control.  Now, we live in a world of ideas.  Seth writes,

“Control might be the goal of a typical politician, but the future belongs to linchpins, individuals with leverage, people willing to make a difference and do work that matters.

The linchpin doesn’t yearn for the days when she used to be able to exert control. She doesn’t run around wildly trying to assemble new tools and new rules to assert control once again. Instead, the linchpin sees that leadership can work without formal control, that flexible networks actually deliver more leverage, not less.”

On an intellectual level, I agree with Seth and cheer a less controlled world.  But when I look at China, Burma, Sudan, and “democratic” Russia, I fear that we will never be free of Big Brother.  On a more local level, most of my clients who work for small small businesses (5-10 employees) have horror stories about fascist bosses who think they own their employees as well as the business.  In the world of ideas, however, linchpins may rule.  Hopefully, their influence will grow.

As you might have guessed, linchpin will be the subject of Seth Godin’s next book, which I look forward to reading.

Click here to check out the post in today’s Huffington Post.

P.S. I just found an interview that one of my favorite writers Steven Pressfield (The Legend of Bagger Vance, Gates of Fire) conducts with Seth Godin — Click here to enjoy two creative people talking about the process.

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